Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Swamp Rose

If ever there were two words that didn't go together, Swamp and Rose are the two.  But despite the images that come to mind when one hears those words - dank, humid, thorny - viewing this plant will quickly disperse them.
The Swamp Rose (rosa palustris) is a native American Rose which grows across the South and East in moist, swampy ground. It's graceful, arching and nearly thorn-less branches bring architectural beauty to the Garden at any time of year. And is especially beautiful weeping into a pond or stream. The Swamp Rose will tolerate dryer conditions, but not grow as large.

The Swamp rose will bloom in late Spring after many other species have finished. The flowers are often double and generally a vivid pink and heavily perfumed. This Species Rose is disease resistant and its Hardiness Zones are 5-8. With a spacing of  3ft.- 4ft. and a height of 4ft. - 5ft.

Redoute' painted this rose in the garden of Empress Josephine of France.


  1. So beautiful. We have small white wild roses around here. I haven't seen a swamp rose here. I bet they smell like delightful!

  2. Lovely, I just love roses! Never heard of this one. Thanks for sharing. :)


  3. Beautiful! My neighbor and I were just talking about this flower:)

  4. Wow Jeanne, what a wonderful post. I have one of those on my property and had no idea that's what they are called. We live close to a river so that explains why they grow wild here.

  5. it shows that swamps can be beautiful. I always found them eerily attractive.