Friday, March 18, 2011

The Perfect Orchid For A Haunted Garden!

But maybe you will want to wear nose plugs.

Scientists are studing the Saturium pumilum orchid, commonly known as the Carrion Orchid becuase it mimics the "fragrance" of road kill to attract flies for pollination. 
Dennis Hanson Photo
It doesn't produce nectar to attract bees or other beneficial insects, so it doesn't smell sweet, depending upon attracting flies, who then pick up the pollen to be deposited into a female orchid..

The scent is close enough to the real thing, to cause female flesh flies to deposit their larvae on the flowers instead of decaying flesh.

So if you have a sandy soil bank on your pond, or a small stream meanders through your yard, you might find this South African orchid a perfect addition to your haunted garden. .right next to the Skunk Cabbage!

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