Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The softer side

of the Davis Graveyard.  Here are pictures of the flower garden in our back yard. The fence has been replaced and the arbor has been rebuilt.

 A bright and colorful contrast to the black and gray graveyard decor.  See, the frog queen likes color too.

I wish you all lived closer, I would love to have you over for tea in the garden!

For more pictures of the yard and the property - check out the post husband did on the Davis House blog.


  1. Oh yes, Tea in the Garden would be lovely! Shall I bring some scones?

    You have a gorgeous yard!

  2. Tea would be a wonderful treat in your beautiful garden! Mine is a weedy mess. A rattle snake we found has me a little scared to garden right now.

  3. I would be there for tea in a heart beat! Your garden is so beautiful!

  4. Tea in your garden, I wish I lived closeby. That would be great. I love those fenced in gardens. We don't have that in The Netherlands. It reminds me of the movie Practical Magic !!
    Have a magical weekend.

  5. I can't wait to have a beautiful garden like yours.