Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I like Weird Veggies

Just a little sample of my small harvest.
The cukes are a creamy white and called white wonder. They are an Heirloom from 1893.
Yellow pear tomatoes are mild and fun to grow.
Finally blue and golden sweet snow peas.


  1. Great photo! I'm growing some of those yellow pear tomatoes this year too, but they're still green. I can't believe those are cucumbers! How do they taste? The blue snow peas are new to me too. You really have an exotic garden!

  2. And for one I find one of your blogs where I can comment. Usually for some reason I am not allowed.

  3. Hi Justine the white cukes are great very mild and yummy.
    Hi G I'm not sure about blogger I have had loads of problems on my other blog. I think that blog has a mind of it's own!

  4. That looks wonderful and a great way to keep on grwoing old varieties !!
    Have a magical day.