Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring! Preparing the Haunted Garden!

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Time to start preparing for my Haunted Garden!  First I pick the seeds and plants I want to use for a glorious Halloween Color Garden!  Orange Marigold, Orange, White, Purple Impatiens, Coleus, Cosmos, Sunflowers are just a few I plant Some I start from seeds and the annuals like Marigolds and Impatients I buy. We have a special trellis for our Moonflowers. As they begin to grow we'll add white lights so the Moonflowers will grow over the lights! Moonflowers germinate best when the soil has had a chance to warm from the sun, so plant them according to your location. If you live up North you might want to wait until the end of May! It looks bare to begin but by August all our Orange Daylilies will be blooming and the Marigolds, Impatiens and Coleus will be mature plants.  Oh and don't forget to make use of Chrysanthemums,they are wonderful and because they are perennials no need to plant every year!


  1. Oh - love the slide show - clever!

    Thanks for the Moonflower tip - I had it on my list of things to pick up, but I will wait a bit to plant the seeds!

  2. How cool is that! I need me some moon flowers!

  3. ditto what rue said, i was going to get mine planted too.