Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I just love little seaside villages

While we were in Cornwall we went to a small fishing village called Mousehole - pronounces "mowzel" not "mouse hole" - don't mess that up :D

This sleepy little town (at least in November) is popular because of a story written in 1995 - based on a local legend, called "The Mousehole Cat" (If you have "wee ones" (young children) and/or a cat person, this book is a must for your collection and worth the cost.)

It is an absolutely adorable Christmas story...our driver who took us around let me read his very worn version of the book.  The art is equally enchanting.  So you can imagine at Christmas time this city is insane.  We were there when they were putting up the Christmas lights and our driver said that they bring people down here by the bus loads to see the village all lit up with lights shaped like the characters from the stories.

So what does that have to do with gardens. 

Oh, yeah, because I cannot not take a picture of flowers....I took these pictures of small potted garden in the town.


  1. :) I live not far from Mousehole its beautiful isn't and i too have a photo of that lovely table full of plants :) hope you enjoyed your trip to Cornwall. x x Happy new year

  2. @Crystalrainbow - It is a beautiful town. But you can say that for most of Cornwall. We went through lots of little villages and it is just amazing. I would love to visit in the spring summer to see all those gardens in bloom!!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Hi, I have just awarded your wonderful blog a 'You make me Scream' blog award.

    Happy New Year

  4. Some of my ancestors are from Cornwall! Thanks for visiting for me!!

    I love seeing that people love plants so much, if they can't have an actual in the ground garden, then spots of pots will do just fine! I pot up a lot of herbs myself, and only put annuals in flower pots, which I then winter over in my basement, to bloom again the next year!

    I'm loving this trip photos, there is something so. . oh, I don't know. .earthy about the small villages over there. .I just love everything!!