Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now that you mention it

I do have bats in my neighborhood, and I could really use more of them in my garden.  For years I have been thinking of picking up a bat house at one of the bird shops, but never really found one that I liked.  So since Jeanne posted about bats, I thought I would look again.

I found this great site that has free plans for bat houses.  Since husband is a good woodworker (when we are not prop building) I thought I would share these with him and see if he is up for the task....and I will share them here with you if anyone is interested in building their own bat house.

This is is the one that I am interested in.  I am a bit picky with ascetics - I want to help the bats....but I want it to look good too :D

I will keep you posted if this makes it into the project list this year.


The Frog Queen


  1. I would love a bat house to invite them in, may they feast on the mosquitoes in summer! Though while I don't mind bats, hubby says he wouldn't hesitate to shoot at them, house in the way or to save them and my walls, no bat house :( Look forward to seeing yours though!

  2. We've had a bat house on the side of our Victorian for years, and none of the neighbors have ever noticed it. There have been bats living in the tall evergreen trees too. .I love to watch them fly out at dusk, but they didn't return last year. (The overwinter in the abandoned mines up in the U.P.), so I'm hoping that something didn't wipe them out.

    On Saturday, I was listening to Car Talk on NPR, and some guy called in, complaining that some bats had found their way into the garage, and he wanted to know if he turned on all of the cars, and shut the doors for a half hour or so, if that would kill them. .and I'm screaming "NO!" at my radio. .the guys on the radio said that no only would that be inhumane, but it probably wouldn't work, and that bats can be very beneficial. .that all sails right over the guy's head, because he comes back with, "Well, how about an hour then?" They finally told him to put tarps over his cars, and to call the local forestry or agricultural department. .I have a gut feeling that he is going to try and kill them any way that he can. So, so sad.