Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So, I tore the

heck out of my garden a few weeks ago....very few plants were spared and those that were.....looked mighty terrified.

I don't think I can get a shovel near them again with out them sobbing.

I think the lupins are trying to dig there way out and into the neighbors yard....cowards! :D

Poor remaining plants. I told them if they behave I promise not to dig them up until next year. I don't think they believe me. :)

Now...to plant all my new purchases!!!


  1. I love your gated garden! (even tho' you attacked it with your shovel) I don't garden much anymore--I lived in England for several years and absolutely adored gardening but now I live in Virginia and the summer heat can pretty much kill everything; Japanese beetles destroy any roses, so I lost interest--too many battles to fight...I'm hoping to move to a climate like yours--something similar to England--and then I'll be ready and raring to go again...still, I love reading this blog (guess that love for gardening is still in there somewhere!)

  2. Your gated garden is enchanting. Does it keep critters out or do they hop the fence like the lupines? I love planting new plants my favorite thing! Can't wait to see!

  3. The strong will survive . . . :D

  4. I love your gated garden! It looks so charming!!

    You are a stronger person than I. .once I've planted a plant, it greatly pains me to dig it up. .I have transplanted when the plant was in danger of being killed, (I tell them that I'm saving them) but otherwise, I let them live their lives when they have taken root. I know. .I'm a whimp.