Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Iris has a Darkside

Iris Goddess of Rainbows and a messenger to the Gods. This lovely flower comes in many colorful versions. But who really knew that some come with a beautiful darkside! Below are just a few types that are must haves for any Haunted Garden!
This lovely beauty is called Draculas Kiss.
This one is called Witches Wand.
This variety is Pagan Dance.
This one is perfectly named Hello Darkness.
Lastly Witches Sabbath! So why not add a little mystery to your Haunted Garden and add these dark beauties. I know I'll be looking to add these to my garden!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Save the Bees...Plant These!

First off go Organic! Do not use and stray pesticides!
Lemon Balm. Easy to grow and smells great used in teas and has all kinds of uses.
Catmint is amazing bees love it and so do cats!
Greek Oregano is one of my favorite culinary herbs! It doesn't spread like regular oregano. Dried it's great in many dishes!

Lavender for me it will overwinter if I don't cut it back.
Yarrow many bees and butterflies love them. Comes in many colors. Easy to grow.
So consider planting these herbs not only for their usefulness but for the bees!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hyacinth... a dark demension to the Spring Garden

Hyacinth( Hyacinthus Orientalis) is a lovely and beautifully fragrant bell shaped Spring flower(bulb).
It comes in many colors but I found some with a mysterious dark side!
                                                    This beauty is called Dark Dimension.

                                                   This variety is called Midnight Mystic.

The tale of Hyacinth is tragic. He was killed accidentally by Apollo in a sporting competition.
This lovely Spring flower came into being through blood and death. Where Hyacinth's blood was spilled this flower was born.
The meaning of the purple and dark colored flowers is sorrow and forgiveness.

I don't have these dark beauties in my garden yet but I do have many white ones whose fragrance is intoxicating!