Monday, August 2, 2010

Moon Vines and more.....

Our favorite Halloween Flower is the Moon vine!
This year we have planted them in several places!
They have begun their climb along the deck railing,
where we already have our clear lights strung.
Orange lights will be added soon!

More with Morning Glories mixed in!

We also love using Coleus for borders!
One of the prettiest colors is this orange one!

Countdown to Halloween has begun!!!


  1. I love Coleus - it comes in so many colours now - it's really pretty.

    Do the moonvines flower?

  2. Lucky you mine did not grow well! I thnik the chimpmunks digging in the planters got to them. I have visions of them trailing and vining along my deck. Take pics of those light with them I'd love to see that!

  3. Very lovely. I do love coleus too! I used to love Morning glory, until I move to my area. It is actually a weed here and I am pulling it out of the yard and our community gardens all the time!!


  4. I love this blog, glad I saw it!
    Ghost pumpkins are my favorite.

  5. beautiful gardens!

  6. Beautiful flowers..So pretty..
    Loved your garden:)

  7. I love morning glories, I have some growing wildly in my backyard haha.

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that included you in my list of favorite blogs. :)