Sunday, February 7, 2010

Downy Yellow Violets

Yes a Yellow Violet can you believe! Downy Yellow Violet or (Viola Pubescens) is a native violet and is found in a rich woodland habitat. I think most people know of the common Blue Violet which spreads easily. The Downy Yellow Violet doesn't spread as easily and is very well behaved! The common Blue Violet is not a weed! Many butterflies use this plant in their larva stage as a host. Adult butterflies often visit Violets for nectar! So if you have them leave them they really do brighten up my woodland garden flowering in early April through May.

With Valentine's Day fast approaching I thought you'd all love to know Violets were used as an Aphrodisiac and for Love Spells! They were also used in amulets for good luck. Folklore says in the Spring you should pick the first Violet you see. Then you make a wish and your wish will come true! At my home the first Violets to appear are the Yellow Downy Violets. I'll let you know if my wish is granted.


  1. I love violets! I used to get wild blue/purple ones in my yard when the new grass came up in the Spring - so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous! I didn't know there were yellow ones. Going to really check the yard for them this Spring.


  3. I just found this, where have I been, this is a great blog. I'll be checking in often to see what I have in my garden and cast my own spells!
    I love this!