Friday, February 19, 2010

In the dead of winter

one of my favorite plants is Edgeworthia Chrysantha. (Oriental Paper Bush), although native to China, it grows well in the Northwest climate. It likes part shade (in the NW our lack of sun, makes that is important feature) it blooms in the winter and smells heavenly. Several of my other gardening friends have it and I have always wanted one, but up until this last weekend when I attended our local garden and patio show, I did not own one myself.

The girls told me that it was time I stopped coveting their plants and get my own. In the past I shy away from it because of its lack of foliage, but as my friends reminded me....a plant that looks dead most of the time is kinda creepy and perfect for your decor! Why did I not see that before!!! :D So I broke down and purchased my very own. It is just now starting to open and it smells fantastic.

Anyway, this weekend I will be planting mine in one of the beds on the back side of the house, next to the Hellebore that are also blooming....looks like I am starting a winter garden....just need to put a skull in there somewhere and I am set :D


  1. OOO I live in Wa . . I wonder how it would do here? What about Hellbore? Beautiful color!

  2. If it likes Portland, Oregon, I am thinking that your area would be great. It is a slow growing plant, so sometimes they can be a bit expensive at a respectable size. It can get up to 5 feet....but that is mature. I cannot recoomend this shrub smells devine. And it does get foliage in the spring and summer.


  3. I love to garden for the scent the plant puts out. Many of my plants may not be much to look at but they make up for it with their heavenly perfume.
    And a Winter garden is known for its 'bare bones' look. ;0)