Monday, February 22, 2010

Hiding in the

Lost Gardens of Heligan in Cornwall are these two follies, the first one is called 'The Mud Maid' -isn't she just lovely - and the second one is the 'Giant's Head'. This garden belonged to the Tremayne family for more than 400 years - It was almost completely lost in the 1990's - but has now been restored. The garden has an interesting history, you can read more about it here.

I am planning a trip to Cornwall this November, if this garden is open, I will definitely be there for a visit.

Aren't they both just magical looking. :D


  1. Very cool! Makes me think about how to create one of these in my own yard.

  2. How cool are these! I need to make one too! Maybe a smaller version.

  3. Totally awesome! Love the head peering out of the ground. And the Mud Maiden is beautiful. :0)
    Thanx for sharing!

  4. I LOVE them!! It makes me dream about creating something in my garden, but it would have to be on a much smaller scale. Maybe a little Faerie sleeping under a Wigelia. lol

    And you are planning a trip to Cornwall? How exciting!! We'll be expecting lots of photos!