Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Iris has a Darkside

Iris Goddess of Rainbows and a messenger to the Gods. This lovely flower comes in many colorful versions. But who really knew that some come with a beautiful darkside! Below are just a few types that are must haves for any Haunted Garden!
This lovely beauty is called Draculas Kiss.
This one is called Witches Wand.
This variety is Pagan Dance.
This one is perfectly named Hello Darkness.
Lastly Witches Sabbath! So why not add a little mystery to your Haunted Garden and add these dark beauties. I know I'll be looking to add these to my garden!


  1. These are great flowers! So beautiful, so spooky. I wish I had a garden to grow them.

  2. Where can I get them? They are beautiful! My black iris didn't come back this year.

  3. These are stunning! I love them all and I love the names!! Great post ;o) Hugs ;o)

  4. Hi C. Joy here's a few places you can get them: Shreniner's Gardens, Brecks, and Sprill Hill Nursery. All have online and regular catalogs.