Sunday, May 4, 2014

Hyacinth... a dark demension to the Spring Garden

Hyacinth( Hyacinthus Orientalis) is a lovely and beautifully fragrant bell shaped Spring flower(bulb).
It comes in many colors but I found some with a mysterious dark side!
                                                    This beauty is called Dark Dimension.

                                                   This variety is called Midnight Mystic.

The tale of Hyacinth is tragic. He was killed accidentally by Apollo in a sporting competition.
This lovely Spring flower came into being through blood and death. Where Hyacinth's blood was spilled this flower was born.
The meaning of the purple and dark colored flowers is sorrow and forgiveness.

I don't have these dark beauties in my garden yet but I do have many white ones whose fragrance is intoxicating!


  1. They are stunning! Thanks for sharing the meaning Becca ;o)