Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I know you won't believe me

I would not believe me :)  But I have taken pictures of our latest garden remodel I just have not gotten a chance to get them up here.

The reason why is that I am busy with this project.  We are trying to raise money for a new neighborhood park - so all us neighbors are having a plant sale at the proposed park location.  Lots of fun (and lots of work)

I don't know about you but I love buying local plants from my neighbors gardens - we are mostly into native, non-invasive plants - unlike big box stores that will sell you just about anything, whether it is good for your garden or not.

See, a Halloween gal can design something pretty with lots of white.....and not burst into flames :D

I will be back with pictures of my "scary" garden shortly.  (Scary with weeds that is!)

Happy haunted gardening everyone!!




  1. I buy mostly home grown, local plants every spring. They are always a little 'off' their first season, but the next spring, they come back in full glory...way better than the big blue box...

  2. Thank you PumpkinLady! We try to tell people that....this plant we are selling you was just transplanted and may look a little sad....but it had grown up in your "area" be patient and it will be a fantastic addition to your garden!

    Sharing local is a so much better than the local box store flowers.....well, just the FQ humble opinion! :)