Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So the lifespan of a wooden fence is about

See the corner post complete rotted out
8-10 years.

That is when I first put in my cutting garden in the back yard.  Since then I have had to replace a post or a panel from time to time.  But this last winter the whole north side of the fence fell over into the vegetable beds.

So we had to dig out about 8 of the 14 posts and replace as about as many panels.

Here is the garden in repair mode.  We are having a wedding in the garden in July, so we are working hard to get ready.  More pictures to follow.

Most of the boards just fell of the fence when we picked them up

Garden view from under the willow tree

front entrance to the garden - archway needs some work too 
In that bed on the other side of the miniature potted fruit trees and fountain....is a skeleton, overtaken by mint! :D
Painting the new fence panels


  1. The fence may be dead, but the rest of the garden is beautiful!

  2. BEautiful garden! I would reuse the posts a fun place for a skulls or a few jols. Happy summer!

  3. Becca! You're back!! Yippee!!

    Somehow, that "dead" fence is perfect for your gorgeous gardens. .weathered and worn, standing through the ages, while vines intertwine, keeping the fence in place.

    BUT, I can see where you would like it looking spiffy for a wedding. .and I agree with Becca. .save that glorious aged wood for something spooktacular!

  4. Wow! Looks like fun, though. I miss the heavy hard yard work. It always made me feel so good after a nice hot shower and a tall cold drink. So satisfying knowing you're getting it in order.

  5. Gorgeous Gardens! And I know they will be even more lovely in time for the wedding. :0)
    And I agree with Becca, the aged wood will be a bonus come Halloween time.

  6. Thanks everyone...I agree, it was hard to pull the fence down, my trumpet vine and lace hydrangeas had to be pulled off the fence....about broke my heart.

    I thought of putting the fence back all jagged and worn, but husband says he would like a few place in our life to be "normal" :D.

    And yes Autmnforest - I do love working in the yard and then sitting on the patio after a shower to dry my hair and have glass of ice tea! Heaven.

    Thanks everyone. I will post more progress throughout the summer!


  7. I find this garden full of atmosphere, with or without the wooden fence.

  8. You have a very nice garden. I love the weathered look. I'm growing a pumpkin patch for the first time. I can't wait. Although I'm a little worried that they're not being pollinated. I need bees.

  9. Beautiful garden. It's hard to grow lots of plants with our harsh 115 degree summer weather. Everything is pretty much dead around here.

  10. well, the fence has obviously seen better days but what a gorgeous garden! reminds me of an old English garden--really lovely!