Monday, May 6, 2013

Ghost Corn also known as Dutchman's Breeches

Dutchman's Breeches/ Dicentra Cucullaria is a perennial woodland native wildflower. Which attracts long tounged bees such as: Bumble, Mason and Miner to it's nectar.
The little puffy white and yellow flowers look like little pants/breeches.
But I found some fascinating Native American Indian folklore about these little woodland gems. According to the Conondaga Indians Ghost Corn was thought to be food for the Spirits. How cool is that!
They were also used as a potent love charm.
I have several of these lovely beauties in my shade garden. Mine are up but not blooming yet.
Here's an update from my wild yard. Yep found one more baby rattlesnake. I raked and mowed so I hope that helps.  We also have way too many Garter Snakes to count. Since they moved in we haven't had any mice so yeah for that. Giant Painted momma turtles are making their way into the woods to lay eggs. And a very large pleated woodpecker is back but I do not see his mate. They come every year. What was shocking to me was when he flew into a hole in one of our trees. At first I thought ok yeah a nest of woodpeckers but nope. He pulled out what looked like a baby monkey but hey we don't have monkey's here. So I was horrified to see it was a baby squirrel. Nature can be burtal at times.


  1. Oh I love good old botanical folklore!

  2. You have some wild garden my friend! I have never heard of ghost corn before. Snakes!!! They are handy, but I wouldn't want them around! We use to have them in our old house, but not this one! A baby squirrel? So sad! I have never heard of a pleated woodpecker do that? Very interesting! Have fun gardening ;o)