Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Forsythia Spring Anticipation

Forsythia is one of the best and easiest Spring flowering scrubs to grow. Their blooms are bright yellow. They can be easily propagated. You can take cuttings and put them in a bucket of water and in about a week or two you will have roots forming. So once you have one forsythia one can make hundreds of them. They also self root if you don't prune. When a branch touches the ground you can stick it in the dirt and it will root.
According to folklore forsythia is associated with anticipation. After forsythia blooms there should be only three more snowfalls. We look forward to Spring and gardening as the Earth wakes up from Winter. Forsythia is the personification of the Spring!

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  1. don't know if we have any here, but Spring has definitely arrived.