Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daylilies, Part Deux

Thanks to everyone for adding a few to my growing list! Some I already had added, but I learned of a few new ones too.

And I just HAD to go look up a Lily Munster! Of COURSE there should be one named after her! Isn't it gorgeous? And so delicate, just like Lily!  Hmmm, I wonder if there is one named for Morticia. .but then, she favored her rose stems, with lots of thorns, didn't she?

I haven't had a chance to do some more digging, but this is my list that I composed, when I posted my first few selections, adding the new ones that were suggested. (And I'm definitely going to look for the Jack O'Lantern Pansies. They are one of my favorite flowers!)

So, for your reference, here they are:


Annabelle’s Ghost


Bat Signal

Bella Lugosi

Brown Witch

Creature Of The Night

Ghost Fingers

Ghost Of Thunder Road

Goblin Moon

Grey Witch

Halloween Harvest

Halloween Hocus Pocus

Halloween Kisses

Halloween Magic

Halloween Masquerade

Halloween Party

Halloween Trick

Happy Halloween

Lily Munster

Little Witch

Madam Spider

Merry Witch

Midnight Magic

Moon Witch


Pagan Passion

Pagan Ritual

Pumpkin Blast

Pumpkin Kid

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Prince

Pumpkin Roast

Pumpkin Time

Salem Witch

Spell Binder

Swamp Creature

Third Witch

Water Witch

Vampire Lestat

Witch Hazel

Witch Stitchery

Witches Coven

Witch’s Brew

Witch’s Stick

Witch’s Thimble

I'm going to continue my search, and will add new ones as I find them.  If you know of some that aren't on here, please let me know so that we will have THE listing of daylilies perfect for Haunted Gardens!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week!


  1. I'm a wildflower kind of gal and I adore the day lilies and sunflowers and other things that seem to grow wild and natural along roadways and take over landscapes. I had no idea they had so many spooky names--how amazing! Just gorgeous!

  2. I'm inspired! I need a few new daylilies in my garden :)

  3. What a great list. I so love lilies, definately going to be looking a few of these up!!