Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Forget The Daylilies!

What is this I'm saying? What place do Daylilies have in a haunted garden?  Well, do names like Halloween Masquerade,

Or Ghost of Thunder Road entice you?

How about Pumpkin Blast,

or Happy Halloween?

I have delightfully discovered a whole flock (what do you call a whole BUNCH of daylilies, anyway? lol) of Halloween related daylilies.  I was asking a friend of mine who lives in PA, if she has any Salem Witch daylilies,

and she replied, "No, but I have some Hocus Pocus!"

So that prompted our hunt. .so far we have found 44 different cultivars named for Halloween, pumpkins, witches, Pagans and more. (I'm going to keep looking!) There is one called "Swamp Creature",

and another "Creature of the Night". 

I love the exotic look of Vampire Lestat!

Or how about a Bella Legosi in your garden?

I don't know who is naming these wonderful blooms, but I sure like the way that their minds think!  I'm on a quest now. Some of these are rather pricey, but I plan on carving out a spot somewhere in my garden to plant some of these beauties. Add my cracked iron cauldron (the original leaky cauldron!) and maybe an amber Faerie Light or two. How delightful!

Wishing everyone a lovely, enchanting evening!


  1. In late September, we also have Jack O' Lantern Pansies. They are a beautiful orange and black bloom. They're perfect for planters at Samhain!

  2. Enchanting daylilies! I knew there were a few with such fun names but not that many! I have some red ones don't know the name. I'll have to look for some of these!

  3. You mention a lot of good ones! There is also Nosferatu, Third Witch, Grey Witch, Lily Munster and probably a host of others.

  4. Oh Wow! I just inherited a collection of day liles so I'm doing research on them. This is so cool to know some are named like these. Beautiful!

  5. That is so cool. I just love daylillies....and I was just telling my husband that I was done plant shopping for a while :D Won't be the first time I lied about that :D

    Thanks so much!


  6. beautiful daylilies! i have some in the ground and they wre starting to pop up...then hubby mowed the grass, and then proceded to mow the flower beds! bye, bye daylilies. :[ (who mows flower beds?!)

  7. I have discovered to my delight that the liles I inherited from my step mother have a few of those in your list. I definitely have Halloween Masquerade! I can see this is going to be addictive already! LOL