Thursday, April 8, 2010

Want to get your

goth kid into gardening? I found this cute but creepy gardening kit called Graveyard Gothic Garden.

It has five creepish plants

Dragon Tree
Sensitive Plant
Black Dragon Coleus

and the planter has the you plant them in "graves" with "gravemakers" to specify the plants. Although this is not something for anyone other than a beginning gardener it is kinda fun and clever.

You will love this picture where it shows Moonflower blooming inside on small leaves....same with the that looks nice. And these plants can live in this terrarium for years? (the Aloe maybe) We all know Moonflower wants a lot more space than that! :D

I am guessing there may have been some issue about that because the description page also shows this image....which is more realistic.

Anyway, cute gift or in my case likely a door prize for my Halloween party.


  1. clever! I love this! But MoonVine was leaf of it might have fit in there if even. But it is pretty cute!

  2. This is so cute! I love it! Have to have one or maybe two. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Very cool ! My creepy kids would love this !

  4. How cool! :) Yep Moon Flowers get huge!

  5. What a fun way to get kids started with planting seeds, and then to help transplant them once they get too large for the cute container. .the seeds, not the kids! lol

    And you could plant a miniature terrarium in it once the originals were planted outside. .mosses, miniature little ferns. What a fun project!