Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The War Over Fairydom

On some of the islands off the coast of Maine, a war is raging. And it has been going on for quite some time. Decades in fact.

It is a clash between the Fairies or rather Fairy Sympathizers and the 'real world' Witches. For you see, the Witches believe that the Fairy Sympathizers are destroying the fragile eco-system of the islands to create little homes, little worlds for the Fairies. Bark and small branches may be stripped from a tree or moss may be moved to create the Worlds the Fairy Sympathizers envision in their minds.

Should enough of this occur, then the disaster of which the Witches foretell would come to pass. But the building of these Fairy Gardens, these Fairy Worlds, is kept to a minimum (and local building codes obeyed) and pose no real threat to the local forests.

In fact the moss which is so often used to create these little Fairy Worlds thrives on traffic - animal, human or other-worldly - to spread it. It can take hold anywhere there is a bald spot beneath the pine canopy. This particular kind of moss is Leucobryum glaucum or more commonly known as Pincushion Moss.

Pincushion Moss, on close examination, appears to have tiny little stems and even tinier leaves. It can commonly be found in pine forests and will give the appearance of being dead if conditions become too dry. But will quickly become green with the addition of moisture.

The magick Moss holds over Humans is universal and seems to have no age boundaries. So take heed on your next trip into the Woods! You may fall under a spell and find yourself wanting to create a small realm for the Fae Folk.


  1. I love all it's many varieties! Interesting post. I do wonder though if the Fae Folk can't fend for themselves in the home building department though. I mean surely they've never needed 'man' to provide that function for them before so why now? I'm just saying. Not that I don't like fairy dwellings though cause I do! :o)

  2. Really Nice Photos....Interesting Read...

  3. Hey...I just now realized that this fantabulous blog is manned or shall I say womanned by some of my favorite spooky blog ladies! How very wonderful to have you all contributing. :o)

  4. I love the concept of fairy houses! I've been meaning to get around to making some for my garden as soon as I finish the cemetery in the dark corner of the yard. Lots to do yet to finish that--aging the headstones and statues and some rusted fencing... Hey, I'm putting up a post tonight about how to create a spooky garden and I'm going to include a link to your site. It's wonderful and so few people think about putting spooky in their yards--gardens are so magical and you really see the magic!

  5. Wendy, Thank you! Glad you enjoy it!

    Autumnforest, Can't wait to see your post! Thank you for the link!! ♥ And I know your 'dark corner' will turn out Frightfully Fabulous!

  6. This place looks SO enchantingly majickal, I can only imagine how it feels to actually visit it!

    Thanks so much for sharing this special place!