Monday, March 15, 2010

Let's Go On Some Field Trips!

Does everyone have their passports up to date? It is time for a field trip! And where do Haunting Gardeners go to learn more about the plants that are perfect for spooky gardens?

Why to England, and more specifically, the Alnwick Poison Garden, in Northumberland. Click on the link to see their site, and watch a short video!

This garden, which has been described as Gothic and Frightful, grows plants, as their guides will tell up upon entering for the tour, don't ingest, touch, or even smell them. They even have Mandrakes growing! (I wonder if Hogwarts supplied them with their specimens)

What a wonderful garden this would be to explore!

Too far to travel right now?  Well, how about Urbana, Illinois, at the University of Illinois?

They have over 90 species of toxic natives, landscaping and house plant species growing for your learning pleasure.

You live in the East? Then how about a visit to the Cornell Plantations Poison Plant Garden?  They have nearly 100 species that are in some way toxic to humans and animals.

All of these places would be fun and fascinating to visit, and to learn. And while we may embrace the spooky here, we also want everyone to be responsible gardeners. If you have children, or even neighorhood children that could easily get into your garden, or pets, you need to be a safe and savvy gardener.

We will be delving into herbals periodically, both those that were used safely, and, ahem, those that were not.  We are not endorsing that anyone plant these, but are sharing what we know to broaden everyone's knowledge of the plant world.  As as we learn more, we will find out just how powerful the plant world is!

And in the meantime, if anyone has a question about a plant, you can leave it in the comments, and one of us will either already know the answer, or will find it for you!

I'm off to pack my bags for dear old England! (In my dreams)


  1. How wonderfully fun!! Can't wait to see what frightful flora can be found.....

    Thank you for sharing all the links. :0)

  2. I've always wanted a poison garden. Have to wait though till the kids are older. I stopped growing Foxlglove for that reaason I do miss it.

  3. Thanks for the virtual tour! Not going anywhere near the poison garden when I am in the UK - darn, I would love to go there! Actually probably closed in November...but I would fancy a picture of me standing outside the gate! :)