Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Bright New Flower!

AT&T are putting in lines for television, which for some reason is disrupting our DSL service, so I'm even further behind in catching up than I was before!

So this VERY thoughtful and sweet gift from Sherry at Byrum Art is a couple of days late in sprouting, but no less the beautiful! 

What a day brightner this award is! Just the colors make you want to burst out in song. Maybe that's the way the birds feel when they see the sun, and the temps start rising. 

And the meaning is sure humbling. It is awarded to people whose positive attitude and creativity inspire others. Wow! That's pretty heady! But I already know that I'm here with some of the most innovative and cheerful people that you'd ever be so fortunate to meet!

Now, I'm supposed to list some people to pass it along to, but I'd rather make a large bouquet from this one gorgeous flower. So please, if you don't already have this bright spot on your blog, gather the seeds from this one now, and plant it. It will make smiles grow!

So on behalf of Becca, Jeanne, The Frog Queen and myself, we thank you with all of our collective hearts, Sherry!  You are a pretty fantastic flower in the garden of life, yourself!


  1. ~congrats on your award...well deserved! and such wonderful words to pass along...wishing you a weekend filled with much l♥ve and light...brightest blessings~

  2. Well deserved indeed! I thought the same thing when I saw the colors! So bright and cheerful!