Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Wonderland

Ok, I'll admit, I'm thoroughly wrapped up in anticipation over the new Alice In Wonderland movie that is coming out this weekend.  From the stills and previews that I've gotten to see (in 3D no less!), it is going to be a major creative eye candy feast for me, and I'll probably have to see it more than once so that I can concentrate on all of the details that go into the sets, costumes, and props.

I've already posted some movie stills on my other blogs, and found one that is rather appropriate for this one too.  Not haunted maybe, and definitely not spooky, but we are also including enchanting, and this one definitely fits that category.

Aren't these awesome blooms?


  1. Those blooms are indeed Enchanted! I can't wait to see this my kind of eye candy!

  2. lovely! I really dread spring and summer coming but these gorgeous blooms would make those two seasons simply perfect!