Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The fence is back

Put the fence back on the garden last week.  

Was able to get most of the vines - I have a hydrangea and a trumpet vine that I sadly had to cut back a bit to remove the fence.  They are doing okay and should be back to normal by next spring.

The bench that husband built for around the weeping willow needed to be expanded to accommodate the growth of the tree.    The original bench was in two half circle pieces that were bolted together.  To make more room, he took his original design and made two "benches" in the same style to expand the size.  He put them in the middle of the two circles and then bolted the whole thing back together. 

It will take a few years for the cedar to weather to match the original bench....but I can live with it.

I need to paint and repair the arch at the front of the garden and add a few annuals to the garden and we should be ready for the wedding the end of this month.

I also uncovered the skeleton in the vegi beds.....but that is another post :)


  1. Why does a simple fence gives so much atmosphere? Haunted gardens are a great idea, M.R. James used it often to great effects in his short stories.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I feel like there should be some pillars with gargoyles at the fence gate. :-)

  3. It all looks GORGEOUS! You still kept the atmosphere. .friendly, relaxed, but with a classy aged patina. I love it!

  4. Good job with the fence! Things are looking great in your yard!

  5. Love your fence in your garden, looks like that one in the movie" It is complicated " . take a look!! I do love gardens too.